May 25, 2010

Update Newest µTorrent 2.0.2 build 19648 on 15 May 2010

Since the last update µTorrent 201 build 19248 on 24 April 2010, I had tried so much this bittorrent client and found that the connection for download is rather slower than previous version. So when the torrent released the newest update µTorrent 202 build 19648 on 14 May 2010, I had installed it and found that the connection speed is faster than the prior release. If you did not updated your µTorrent client yet, then you have to update your utorrent client soon. µTorrent is a very tiny bittorrent client. Newest file size just 315 kb.
You can download µTorrent 202b19648 here. Apparently there are many Windows 7 users currently.

5 Latest µTorrent History update changes :
Changes for v2.0.1 build 19248 -> v2.0.2 build 19648
~Change: disable net.calc_overhead by default to improve speeds for users with low caps
~Change: Sharper help graphic
~Fix: fixed crash while adding torrents - if more than 100 are added concurrently it will be done silently

v2.0.1 build 19248
~Change: bypass Windows system cache while reading to avoid excessive memory usage
~Fix: invalid header response on WebUI when an expired token or invalid request was sent
~Fix: fixed crash when adding many torrents at once (above 350 they will be added silently)

v2.0.1 build 19078
~uTP performance and TCP rate control have been greatly improved!
~BEP22 has been fixed
~Access denied problems should be virtually non-existent
~Fix: installing on Vista/7 with UAC turned on
~Fix: attempt to fix a rare crash

v2.0.1 build 18973 RC 2
~Change: prioritize downloading torrents even more than seeds when making new connections
~Change: change default uTP packet size to 600 bytes
~Change: Use new uTP header by default

v2.0.1 build 18833 RC 1
~Change: remove duplicate IPv6 peer connection fix

As a result, I tried to download the new movie "I am Virgin 2010", i thought this is just a soft porn movie and entertaining topless sex-crazed vampires scenes, just see it if i had free time later.
Download the torrent file I Am Virgin 2010
I am virgin 2010(click to enlarge 4 times image)
(Note : after finished download, rename the file from movietitle.torrent.JPG to I-Am-Virgin2010.TPB.torrent)
And start your download with the newest µTorrent 202 build 19648. It has been tested with Windows 7 and worked pretty stable. Enjoy your torrent.

May 23, 2010

Use Old Printer with Windows 7 with no Driver

Sometimes if you have an old printer like HP PSC 2210 or 2410 (HP PSC 2200 and 2400 series) all in one that supported Fax, copy, scan & print, but it is still in a good condition than you have not to buy a new one. Especially if you have those kind of printer that have unsupported drivers or discontinued drivers update/discontinued products tipically for 5 years old printer since production dated but you have the latest o/s like windows Vista or Windows 7 system.
I am very like to buy those all in one printers that supported many kind of work as I could make a copy, scan photos/documents, print documents and received/send fax. Most of those printer already have built in card readers and direct camera printing.It is more than enough for a small office and home office use. Just one printer and you can do all those office work without complexity as you just need a printer device with an usb cable and power cable. It really saved place and money. You could use your old printer like HP PSC 2210/2410 all in one with windows Vista and use the scan function here even if you don't have any supported drivers installation for Vista 32 or 64 bit. I would explain briefly how to use your old printer like HP PSC 2210/2410 with Windows Seven (win 7) 32 bit system. Just power on your printer HP 2210/2410 or any kind of printers that might be could worked. You should try this trick before make a decision to buy a new one and could save your money even support Green World to keep the Earth green !
1. After power on your printer, plug your USB cable into laptop/PC
2. Wait for a few second to give Windows 7 RTM recognizing the printer device (you should seen "Installed Device Driver" on the bottom right of your taskbar).
3. Open your "devices and printers" under control panel section.
4. You should see the printer HP PSC 2200 series or 2400 series icon there. Right click and set as "default printer". If there is not the option, the other way is you could set it under menu File -> "set as default printer" after left click (choose) the printer icon first.
5. Open your document or image / photo you want to print.
6. For an example I attached a sample of Mercedes Benz SLS - AMG version to print below.
print old printer with win 7

7. Let say you want to view and print with the basic "windows photo viewer" (default preview images)
Just right click the image and select Preview.
8. Select Print -> print.
print hp psc 2400 series with win 7

9. Select your printer version under printer menu
10. Select your paper size (letter or legal basically)
11. Select you layout printing on the right hand. For this sample I used a "Full page photo layout"
12. Don't forget to uncheck the "Fit picture to frame", otherwise you could get a truncated image.
13. Click the "Print" bar to print your photo.
print hp psc 2200 series with win7

That's it and you could still use your lovely old printer with windows 7 smart system. The strange thing only I could not get this tricks worked for Windows 7 - 64 bit version. But it works perfectly under windows 7 - 32 bit version.
You could share your experience with your other old printer version here that might be useful for others to use it. Do you find this trick helped you a lot? Let me know and leave your precious thoughts here.

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